Social distancing solutions & hygiene products for the workplace

Since the beginning of the 2020 COVID pandemic, incorporating safe & hygienic working practices has become a priority for all businesses. To continue doing our work in the safest way possible, we must all consider workplace hygiene procedures more than ever before.

Fortunately, at PPE Business Essentials we have everything you need to COVID protect your business to meet the latest UK Government guidelines.  

Whatever your environment – office, warehouse, hospitality, hotel, restaurant, retail – we have the hand hygiene, social distancing & physical barrier solutions to shield your staff and customers.

Do I need workplace hygiene products?

Even when we’re not facing a pandemic, hygiene products are always a vital part of health & safety practices in the workplace. 

Handwashing has never been more important.  Simple reminder signs are useful for washrooms and kitchen areas as, unfortunately, many people do still need prompting about this most basic practise. Hygiene stations, such as freestanding or wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers, are particularly useful for businesses to place in visitor receptions or workplace entrances.

As business premises whether shops or offices, restaurants or warehouses are shared spaces you must make provision for social distancing.  Simple signage is a great way to start.  We have a comprehensive range of ready printed sign for walls & counters as well a floor stickers & even carpet tile.   Many of our products can be branded with company logos.

There are many other options that you may want to consider too, particularly when interacting closely with the public. Our sneeze safety screens, for example, help to create an instant barrier to protect you and your business.

Ways to improve hygiene at work

Use cough and sneeze barriers. Using sneeze screens will help to prevent transmission of infections between staff and customers.

Use directional signage and hazard tape. This helps to ensure that people know where to go and remember to adhere to social distancing measures.

Improve your queue management. Mark out areas where visitors can wait using a queue management system such as rope or chain barriers. Highlight safe or prohibited standing and seating spaces with hazard warning tape or table signs.

Use hand washing posters. Using printed hand washing posters and social distancing signage in appropriate locations acts as a hygiene reminder.

Make workplace hygiene products accessible. Incorporate hygiene stations into your workplace, particularly in busy areas and entryways. These can be freestanding, wall mounted or counter fixed.

Do you supply social distancing products for retail?

Absolutely, retail is a key focus when developing new social distancing products for the workplace. We have a great range of acrylic checkout screens and acrylic sneeze guards to protect your cashiers when they’re serving customers.

Our sneeze shields range from small counter standing screens which are repositionable and instantly slot together, to heavy duty checkout sneeze shields, which can be screwed to your countertops for a more secure solution.

Most businesses have now introduced one-way systems and ‘one in one out’ rules, so that customers are more able to do effective social distancing in shops. To help with this, we supply a large number of printed social distancing signage options so that you can instantly fit out your business according to the latest guidelines. These even include social distancing pavement signs and informational roller banners.

What are the best social distancing solutions for offices?

Social distancing equipment such as acrylic desk dividers and pop-up privacy screens make ideal social distancing solutions for offices. Simple to install, they are an easy way to reduce the spread of germs between colleagues. These are available to suit a variety of business types and budgets, from premium quality Perspex screens for desks, to instant flat packed sneeze shields.

Just like in retail and hospitality environments, large office buildings will benefit from the use of hand hygiene and social distancing signs. For reception desks, you may wish to install some hand sanitiser dispensers nearby to ensure safer interactions with the public, as well as using some form of protective barrier, such as Perspex screens or face shields.


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